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April to June saw 20% more property transactions in the capital region than in the same period last year, as revealed in the Paris Notaires second quarter report published last week. Activity is accelerating in the suburbs and decelerating in Paris. The report, which covers the months of April, May and June, also reveals that at […]

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Paris real estate has been an incredible investment over the past decades, rising dramatically in value since the early 1990s. The average price in some arrondissements has doubled, tripled or even nearly quadrupled over the last 25 years.

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A rainy spring and labor strikes are not expected to have a lasting negative impact on Paris’ property market as the country’s economy continues to grow and foreign buyers are drawn by favorable currency exchange rates. The French capital suffered a fairly turbulent month in May. Not only did strikes, blockades and fuel shortages cause […]

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Has French real estate made a full-fledged recovery? Professionals’ opinions vary, yet all agree that significant progress has been made. Real estate transactions increased substantially throughout 2015 and into 2016. What’s next for prices in the capital?

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Real estate market France 2016

“To recover or not to recover, that is the question.” The latest report from Meilleurs Agents celebrates the French real estate market’s high performance in 2015 and explores whether this trend will continue through 2016. The Paris notaires hailed 2015 as a very positive year for the real estate market in Paris and Île-de-France. Sales volumes were up by more than 15% […]

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2015 property prices in France fell - with exceptions • Paris Property Group

The year 2015 saw French real estate recover, with sales volumes reaching those of the boom years. While prices dropped steadily across most of the country, they soared in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux, among a few others. Last Spring, the real estate market in France began a steady recovery, which it sustained throughout 2015. The […]

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Paris vs London - real estate

According to French notaires, prices have evolved comparatively in Paris and London over the past 15 years, more than tripling in both cities. Nonetheless, London remains far more expensive. The Paris and Île-de-France notaires recently released a study comparing real estate prices in London and Paris. An analysis of property value across the last 15 […]

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Apartment prices are rising again in the French capital, according to a price barometer published on 1st October by MeilleursAgents. It reveals that the increase mainly pertains to small apartments. The 74th edition of MeilleursAgents’ monthly price guide shows Paris resisting the slow price erosion befalling homes in the rest of France. According to the […]

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According to a new property price index, real estate prices in Paris increased by almost 1% over the three months to September 2014.

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