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For over 17 years, Paris Property Group has focused on the particular needs of international clients who want to buy or sell real estate in Paris.  Our clients are busy, discriminating and accustomed to exceptional service.  We fill a critical need for our clients as a trusted partner on the ground to meet their every real estate need.

We offer our clients honest, unbiased assessments of their property objectives; accurate and forward-looking information on the latest market trends and France’s legal and financial framework; and a network of top-notch financial, legal, design and management resources.

As our clients attest, PPG offers a complete service that yields superior results.

Nearly all of our business comes to us on the recommendation of a former client or a partner company. We are widely respected in the Paris real estate community, and are consistently recognized for the quality of our work by clients, colleagues, and in the press. Learn more about how we can help.

Paris Property Group Team
Miranda Junowicz Bothe, Founder

“Under Miranda's strategic direction, Paris Property Group has become the closest thing to a multiple listing service in Paris. Whether buying or selling, PPG's competent, bilingual agents achieve far superior results than buyers can realize with a traditional French agency - and in a fraction of the time.”
Yale-trained lawyer Miranda Bothe recognized an urgent need for a complete, client-focused real estate service in Paris and built PPG on a foundation of honesty, transparency and serious commitment to the needs of savvy investors. She partnered with the best Paris-based real estate professionals to assemble an amazing team and realize that vision. More than 10 years later, PPG's reputation and commitment to service remain unmatched.  Miranda is a a member of the National Association of Realtors®, California Association of Realtors®, and the California Bar Association.
Emma Skoble, Agent and Broker

“ Emma was a great source of advice and referrals. This team knows their stuff.”
Half French and half American, Emma understands both mindsets well and navigates the market with ease. She represents her clients with great energy and dedication, making the process both manageable and enjoyable.

Emma is the managing broker of Metropolitan Properties France SAS. D/B/A Paris Property Group. All of our agents are licensed through Metropolitan.
Jerome Cacarié, Lead Agent

“ Jerome finds truly special properties and somehow manages to snag them.  He knows how the system works and uses that to the great benefit of his clients.”
Jerome Cacarié has worked in real estate for over 14 years.  His experience and extensive network of contacts, keen sense of the market, leadership and tough but respectful negotiation strategy consistently yield amazing finds and great deals for PPG clients.
Jennifer Jomard, Agent

“ Jennifer works tirelessly on every project, leaving no detail unattended and inspiring great loyalty in her clients.”
Jennifer has spent more than half her life in Paris and knows it well. An experienced Paris real estate investor herself, Jennifer knows how to spot an excellent opportunity and negotiate the best deal.
Lucie Chambran, Agent and Personal Concierge

"I know Paris like the back of my hand and I love finding just the right thing to satisfy my clients' needs"
French with years spent in London, Lucie worked as a personal concierge for many years before becoming an agent. She loves helping others, and finding exactly the right solution. Efficient, reliable and trustworthy, she will make settling into your life in Paris easy.

Pam Combastet, Agent

“ Pam knows how things work in France. She's an invaluable resource for getting quickly to the source of issues and sorting them out to her clients benefit. ”
Raised in both Paris and in the US, Pam is a leader in the Franco-American community in Paris, heading up a number of charitable and community groups over the years. Her enthusiasm for life in France, her desire to help others, and her knowledge of Paris make her an invaluable resource for her clients.
In the press

The New York Times updates its reporting on the Paris real estate market for 2021 and Paris Property Group is among those that weigh in.  Pent up demand from 2020 looks to make 2021 an interesting year for Paris real estate.

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From breaking design rules to engineering to suit your lifestyle, here are an American in Paris’ tips for designing a glamorous — and livable — small space.  A look inside a Paris Property Group staffer’s apartment.

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CNBC consults Paris Property Group about the evolution in #French real estate over time and why it’s such a universally coveted asset.

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Rates are far lower than they are in the U.S. But they come with some pretty expensive fine print.  Paris Property Group’s Kathryn Brown is one of several experts consulted on how to take advantage of those super low rates on a second home in Paris.

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Prices keep rising in Paris, where demand tramples supply and low interest rates entice new buyers.  Paris Property Group’s Kathryn Brown gives the NYT her perspective on the Paris real estate market in 2019.

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Here’s Everything to Know Before Buying a Classic French Château:  Real estate experts—and top designers who’ve done it—offer tips for navigating the market.

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French department stores are evolving, offering fresher spaces, quirky experiences and unusual ways to spend money.  Paris Property Group’s Kathryn Brown helps the New York Time’s Business of Fashion understand the trends in the French Capitol.

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French Property News tours France looking for property that offers great value…along with some fascinating history.  Paris Property Group assists with the look at the Capitol city.

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Paris is consistently one of the top European destinations that U.S. travelers want to visit.

The allure of sipping wine at outdoor cafes, eating fresh bread and cheese and strolling along the River Seine has also made it attractive to those looking for European pied-a-terres.  USA Today visits with Paris Property Group‘s Kathryn Brown to get an update on the Paris real estate market.

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It’s not the size that counts! Apartment living in France offers more than you might imagine.  Sophie Gardner-Roberts of French Property News visits with Kathryn Brown of Paris Property Group and other experts to discover the ins and outs of apartment living in Paris. (Print magazine)

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In the current issue of International Banker magazine: Paris Property Group’s Miranda Bothe  gives her insights into the eternal draw of Paris and why savvy investors view it as an affordable luxury that provides lasting value.

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Did Louis XVI stay in that property? Paris Property Group talks about the historical pedigrees of Paris real estate in the Wall Street Journal.

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Curbed takes a look at entry-level homes around the world, checking in with Paris Property Group to see what a typical starter home in Paris might look like.

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Paris Property Group talks with the Wall Street Journal about the village-like feeling on Ile Saint Louis, in the heart of historic Paris.

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Paris Property Group speaks with the New York Times about how historically low currency exchange rates are helping more Americans buy their dream property in France.

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Paris Property Group talks to Fox Business about why you don’t have to be a millionaire to buy a property in France.

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CNN gets Paris Property Groups perspective on the “monster” modern glass triangle tour being constructed in historic Paris.

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The London Financial Times interviews Paris Property Group about why Paris is now a classic buyers market.

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