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It’s not news that property prices in Paris are on the rise, with the average price per square meter in more than half of Paris’ 20 arrondissements exceeding €10,000.  It is interesting to note, however, that price disparities exist between the small boroughs located within each arrondissement.  In this article, we zoom in on the […]

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Chantier du chantier Grand Paris Express à proximité de la gare La Plaine - Stade de France à Saint-Denis. Photo prise du quai de la gare du RER B.

The arrival of a high-speed subway linking Paris to it’s suburbs will overhaul the metropolis and rebalance its real estate, opening up new territory to investors. The new home market has been in decline everywhere in France, except in Île-de-France, the area surrounding Paris.  The Paris region remains largely untouched due to lack of housing […]

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Moving to a different city will typically come with a bit of a learning curve, but moving to a different country is an entirely different ballgame. When moving to Paris, there is certainly going to be a lot to learn. From language, to culture, to simply understanding where things are, preparation will go a very […]

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“When we think back on the entire process –  what we remember most are the fun times of going from apartment to apartment, laughing about the bad ones and debating the merits of the good ones; the excitement of finding “the one”; and the sense of confidence that came from knowing we were in safe […]

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After purchasing a small property in Paris, the question is: can a tiny space feel spacious and grand?  This 430 square foot apartment is breaking some rules in pursuit of grandeur. The complete make-over required a gut remodel, and some of the choices seem counter intuitive. Generally one hears that long sight lines and continuous […]

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Which arrondissements boast the most expensive property values in Paris?  Which ones have seen prices rise over the past five years?  How does your arrondissement figure in the grand scheme?  Using notary data, Le Figaro Immobilier has compiled a comprehensive summary of real estate price changes, arrondissement by arrondissement. The big picture: Today’s Parisian real […]

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