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Paris Property Group has launched an online video series that shares insider information on how to find and buy the best property in Paris.  The video series, featuring President and Founder, Miranda Bothe, is titled after the popular section of our blog “Ask Miranda.”  In each video, Miranda answers one of our client’s questions, dispels a […]

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Ernst & Young released a study this month surveying a significant grouping of active French real estate investors.  According to the report, 77% of investors surveyed believe that France will be an attractive investment market in 2012.

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One hot topic following the election of President François Hollande is his plan to impose rent controls on French apartments.  

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Compare Paris real estate taxes and fees to other markets

Purchase taxes on Paris apartments often give buyers pause; but how does Paris really stack up to other major real estate markets?

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Wealth Tax Reform Beginning in 2012, if your net wealth in France exceeds €1.3m, the total value is subject to wealth tax.  Previously €800K could be exempted, but not anymore.  If your property is valued at less than €1.3M no wealth tax reporting is required.   The good news is that

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When dealing with multiple currencies, setting up a mortgage safeguard to hedge against currency fluctuations is an important part of any smart investment strategy. Working through mainstream banks to do that can be time consuming and inconvenient.

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A guide to French mortgages ➤ Paris Property Group

Guide to French Mortgages Eligibility & criteria All of the mortgages sourced by French Mortgage Broker International Private Finance are in Euros and secured against French residential property.  French mortgages are full status and therefore proof of income and outgoings are required to submit an application to a lender.  The maximum loan to value available […]

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Despite the hard times that have faced France and the European economy in the last year, real estate in the French capital is still providing a safe and sustainable investment.  Prices in Paris rose a historic 2.7% in the last quarter of 2011, making Paris reputably some of the most expensive ‘bricks & mortar’ in […]

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2011 has undoubtedly been a turbulent year in the financial markets which have had an impact on many people’s decisions as to whether or not they will proceed with their dream purchase in France.

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Paris architecture - A brief history

Paris, France, is an unusually coherent architectural creature. Paris’ modern buildings have developed gradually out of earlier styles; palaces and mansions have survived by transforming into apartments and shops, and most streets harbor a range of buildings from various centuries. Our Paris guide traces

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