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Where are international property buyers coming from?

Take a look at these interesting numbers that break down from which countries international buyers are coming:

  • Russians purchase the largest share of properties, around 20%, and they want the “crème de la crème,” paying up to about $25M for a property.
  • The Swiss account for the next largest buying block at 15% of the sales and they’ll buy properties priced up to around $13M. Their economy is doing alright and they hold the money of several countries, so now they want to spend it.
  • European buyers represent, together, 13% of the foreign buyers in Paris. Similar to French locals, they shop in the $1.5M to $5M range and prefer the historic districts.
  • The Middle East buyers represent 12% of the total. They start their shopping at roughly $10M and go up to $100M or so.
  • The British represent 10% of the buyers.
  • American and Canadian buyers account for another 10% of Paris property buyers, according to the study by Feau. Their favored price range is generally $2.5M to $6M, mostly in historic districts.
  • Chinese buyers represent 8% of all buyers in Paris. They, like the Russians, want the best of the best, at least up to $13M.
  • Africans have an 8% share of the Paris luxury stock and buy properties up to about $13M.
  • Brazil and the rest of South America comprise 4%. They spend up to $6M, and want to be in the top ‘money’ districts.

Infographic from 2010: International Buyers in Paris

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