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Mortgage loan France

As a non-resident, obtaining a loan to finance a property investment in France is subject to certain peculiarities. Variable rates, application fees for a mortgage and mandatory life insurance are just some of the factors to bear in mind when applying for a loan in France.

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French property listing database - all properties now on one website

Real estate professionals have banded together to form the largest online property listing database. The aim is to offer one and a half million properties for sale on a single platform. Increasingly, anyone on the market for a new home will look to the Internet as a first point of call. But it can be […]

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A new study measuring property purchasing power in ten major French cities sees Marseille come out on top, while Paris unsurprisingly places last. recently published a study quantifying purchasing power for real estate in ten cities in France. Using its own regularly published barometer of credit rates in different cities as well as sales […]

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France: withdrawal period after purchase agreement extended to 10 days • Paris Property Group

The time frame to decide whether to go forward with buying a property in France after signing a promesse de vente, or preliminary contract, has been extended from 7 to 10 days under the Loi Macron. As of August 8th, residential real estate buyers in France will have 10 days after signing the initial purchase agreement to […]

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Take a look at these interesting numbers that break down from which countries international buyers are coming:

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