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Buying property in Paris can help fulfill numerous objectives:  Not only is it an ideal ‘bricks and mortar’ alternative hedge investment like gold, but it can offer rental returns, cultural experiences, and a lifetime of memories and family enjoyment.  Not a bad return on investment!  The key is to buy a truly desirable property at […]

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International buyers had a large role to play in a revived French real estate market last year, with one particular group of foreign buyers doubling its activity.

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Foreign & first-time buyers fuel Paris' luxury market • Paris Property Group

A recent study highlights a double phenomenon benefiting France’s high-end property market: renewed interest on the part of foreign buyers and a rising number of first-time buyers entering this niche sector.

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British voters have cast their ballots and the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union has won by a small margin. While Brexit has caused the pound to crash and British Prime Minister David Cameron to resign, it is expected to benefit the Parisian economy, particularly the luxury real estate sector, set to be […]

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Historic French villa to be sold in business sell

Spirits company acquisition could see luxury villa worth 300 million euros also change hands. The sale of the famed Grand Marnier liquor to Gruppo Campari would include the historic Les Cèdres villa in Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat. Family business Grand Marnier may soon be bought by Italian spirits company Gruppo Campari. If the transaction goes ahead, […]

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The high-end real estate market in France may profit from the uncertainty of Britain remaining in the European Union, predicts real estate network Coldwell Banker. The political and economic uncertainties linked to Britain’s potential exit (Brexit) from the European Union may benefit French luxury property, according to luxury real estate agency Coldwell Banker.

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Conditions have aligned to make high-end property in the French capital an advantageous investment for both residents and non-residents. Reasonable prices, low interest rates and the fall of the euro make Parisian luxury real estate attractive once again. Luxury real estate professionals in France ended 2015 in high spirits. Despite a slight decline in sales […]

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World's most expensive private residence near Paris sold for 275 million Euros • Paris Property Group

A lavish château located in the Yvelines department in the Parisian suburbs has just sold for 275 million euros, making it the most expensive private residence in the world. An extravagant private manor completed in 2011 in a 17th century style recently sold for the outstanding amount of 275 million euros, the equivalent of 300 […]

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According to real estate professionals, 2015 saw the luxury property sector in Paris experience a booming recovery. Since then, opulent apartments and high-end mansions are once again being snapped up by wealthy buyers, to the delight of Parisian agencies. After three years of crisis, where buyers were scarce and the luxury property supply stockpiled, 2015 saw the […]

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The slump suffered by larger apartments in Paris finally lifted last year, mainly due to a 15% fall in prices over the past few years. Luxury real estate agency Daniel Féau hail 2015 as a “record” year for larger properties in the capital. Remaining unsold for several months or even several years, large properties in […]

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