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Paris Property Group named a top real estate blog in France

Paris Property Group is pleased to be rated in the top 3 of Feedspots Top 15 French Real Estate Blogs. We utilize this space to inform and inspire our clients, understanding intimately what they need to know and what inspires them.

Our full-time real estate agents and our expert knowledge of the Paris luxury real estate market allows us to provide an unparalleled, end to end service. Working with both buyers and sellers we have a holistic view of the market and are happy to share that varied perspective. 

Paris Property Group was founded 16 years ago by Miranda Bothe, a Yale-trained lawyer, who realized that the Paris real estate market was disjointed and difficult to navigate.  With no shared listing system every agency is only able to show its own listed properties and buyers are forced to visit every agency in order to find out what is available.  Furthermore, up to 40% of properties are listed privately making it difficult to get a comprehensive view of what properties are for sale.

Paris Property Group acts as a buyer’s agent to find and pre-screen all available properties to eliminate the exhausting and time consuming task for our clients.  On the selling side, Paris Property Group offers a commission split with any agency who has a potential buyer, opening up a much larger pool of potential buyers than is possible with a traditional French agency, and typically resulting in a quicker sale and higher selling price.

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