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Property Tax in Paris: Not as expensive as you thought

Property taxes are everywhere in the world, but in France, there are two particular types you need to know about.  First, the taxe foncière, a property tax for which the owner is liable, and a taxe d’habitation, for which the resident of the property is liable.  If you are a owner-occupant, then you are responsible for paying both taxes.

The amount you pay for each of these depends on what your local government has decided.  In France, it varies by city.

 A two-child household with an average income paid €444 in taxe d’habitation in Paris in 2010, compared with the €1,162 paid by residents of the heavily-indebted city of Marseilles.

Pretty shocking that Paris property taxes are in fact, less than those in Marseille.  These taxes aren’t the only thing residents have to pay, however.  There can be things such as  rubbish collection tax (calculated from the notional rental value of your home) and a street cleaning tax (based mainly on the type of street). Households also pay for the water they use. Rates vary from region to region, but they are calculated via water meters installed in houses and apartment buildings.

To learn more about taxes on property in France, read this article from the Irish Times.


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