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Paris officials want to instate a fivefold increase on occupancy tax on vacant secondary residences to encourage owners to sell their properties or rent them out. Last month, the City of Paris voted in the principle of increasing the occupancy tax — taxe d’habitation ­— on vacant second homes in the capital. The tax would […]

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Some decisions on local taxes taken at the municipal level this year in France will affect homeowners in 2015 and 2016. New increases in residential taxes (taxe d’habitation) and property tax (taxe foncière) as well as surtaxes on second homes and building lots are part of the program.

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property occupation tax - tax d'habitation, France

The national average rate for residential occupancy tax (taxe d’habitation) payable on property in France has crept up 19% over ten years, according to an analysis based on official figures from the tax office/INSEE and published by Home’n’go. The French taxe d’habitation is equivalent to a residence tax and is paid by the person or household unit living in […]

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Property taxes are everywhere in the world, but in France, there are two particular types you need to know about.  First, the taxe foncière, a property tax for which the owner is liable, and a taxe d’habitation, for which

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Property owners who spend less than 184 days a year in France and do not pay income taxes in France are considered “non-resident.” Non-resident owners are expected to:

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