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Enjoy 4th of July in Paris, France the American way

Happy Independence Day! Where to Celebrate the 4th of July in Paris, France

Whether you happen to be visiting Paris on the 4th of July, or an American ex-pat who has settled in the City of Lights, there are plenty of ways to celebrate American Independence Day  when you’re not on American soil.

Here is a round up of PPG’s favorite American (or at least anglophone) bars and restaurants in Paris where you can get a slice (or sip) of home.

1. Breakfast in America– With two locations on either sides of the Seine, you no longer need to miss a good ol’ American diner meal while you’re in Paris..  Whether you’re looking for scrambled eggs and bacon in the morning, or a great burger in the afternoon, this little restaurant is a big slice of Americana. Plus- this restaurant is located just across the street from our Fractional Ownership property on Rue Malher!

2. The Moose– Ok, so maybe this bar is officially themed after the US’s cousin to the North, but walk in and you’ll hear enough English to forget you’re in Paris.  Serving up burgers, wings, nachos and other greasy American treats, The Moose is a great spot to watch American sports and sling back a few Sam Adams or Coors Lights.

3. Ralph’s– Ever wondered what it would be like to have dinner with Ralph Lauren? Just step inside his flagship Saint Germain boutique and you’ll find out.  This historic building’s interior courtyard and old stables have been converted into a fine dining experience, à la Americana.  From Black Angus steak, to California wines and a great burger, Ralph’s courtyard is the perfect way to feel like you’re celebrating the 4th in your backyard.

4. Harry’s New York Bar– One of the most historic bars in Paris, located at “Sank Roo Doe Noo” as noted above the door for all Americans to understand, Harry’s bar is recognized for having creating such cocktails as the Sidecar and the Bloody Mary.  It’s also the bar where Gershwin composed An American in Paris, and one of the only bars in Paris that hasn’t changed a lick since it opened in 1923.  You can even order a hot dog at the bar, and look for your collegiate flag hanging among the masses on the walls.

5. Berko Cupcakes– Throwing a party at your place for the 4th? It won’t be complete without some dessert, and a cupcake is the perfect dessert for a 4th of July party.  Order in advance, and these delicious cupcakes can even be made custom.  Red, white, and blue frosting anyone?

6. Cantine California– One of the food trucks to hit the Paris streets in the last year, Cantine California serves up classic Californian foods, such as tacos, burgers, cupcakes, milkshakes, French toast and breakfast burritos.  Follow the truck’s location around Paris via their twitter (@CantineCali).  Tomorrow, the 4th of July, they’ll be located at the Marché Saint Honoré from 12:00PM-8:15PM, with a couple of breaks in between.

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