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This charming 1 bedroom apartment is located on a cobblestoned private pedestrian street off the Place de la Bastille. The quiet street and building are in a historically protected area free of typical Parisian street noise. This tranquil oasis from the bustling area surrounding it sits on the border between the Marais and Bastille areas. […]

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I’m planning to sell my Paris apartment, which I bought in mid-2007. The deed of sale had a number of diagnostic reports attached. Which of these do I have to have redone, what paperwork do I need to supply and who pays for it all – me or the buyer?

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Avenue Montaigne one of world's most expensive streets • Paris Property Group

A recent study reveals that the Avenue Montaigne in the 8th Arrondissement (district) is among the top 10 most expensive streets in the world for luxury real estate. The study ranked streets by their average price per square meter. At the top came Pollock’s Path in Hong Kong at a substantial 120,000€/m2. Avenue Montaigne came […]

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Interactive real estate map to help find your home ➤ Paris Property Group

Properties in Paris are traditionally marketed by price per square meter. Now FNAIM, the trade association for realtors in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, has developed an interactive real estate map. This allows you to identify the arrondissements (districts) that have properties in the price range and of the type you’re looking for.

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Mortgage rates in France have been at historic lows in recent months. However, the outlook for the next move in interest rates has changed markedly over this period. During the summer of 2013, commentators expected French mortgage rates to rise before the end of the year. In the early fall, this was pushed out to […]

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Real estate transactions in France are subject to stamp duty, which the buyer pays. The rate is currently 5.09% of the price of the property and breaks down into: A departmental (county) tax of 3.80%. Paris is classified as a county. A communal (municipal) tax of 1.20%. Each arrondissement (district) of Paris counts as a […]

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In recent decades, bricks and mortar have proved the surest bet for a profitable investment over a 10-year period, according to a recent study. Real estate ranked ahead of shares in the CAC 40 (France’s top companies listing), gold and other favorite French investments, such as life insurance and the Livret A savings account.

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The average price per sale of French properties to non-residents increased by 5% in 2012 over 2011, although transaction volumes contracted. Non-residents have their main residence outside France and are liable for taxation in their country of residence.

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Who owns Paris real estate? - Paris Property Group

If courtiers of the Sun King, Louis XIV, came back today they would be astonished at the changes time has wrought on the City of Light. Not only has the architectural face of Paris altered but real estate ownership has also been transformed.

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The real estate market in Europe is experiencing significant variation by country in 2013. The good news is that, while France as a whole has seen a decline in residential property prices, Paris is attracting interest from non-European investors in particular this year 

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