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Buy a home, not just a surface area, with the help of an interactive Paris real estate map

Properties in Paris are traditionally marketed by price per square meter. Now FNAIM, the trade association for realtors in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, has developed an interactive real estate map. This allows you to identify the arrondissements (districts) that have properties in the price range and of the type you’re looking for.

The interactive map covers Paris and Ile-de-France and is based on data from realtors and other statistical sources. You simply fill out the number of rooms (in addition to a kitchen and bathroom) you want and your available budget. The map then shows the arrondissements that correspond to your criteria.

You can also see which métro (subway) lines and stations, tramways, and railroad lines are in the arrondissements you’re interested in.

The map is a useful way for buyers and sellers to assess prices and for buyers to narrow down their search to specific arrondissements. It should be used in combination with comprehensive data for all sales that notaires (officials who handle real estate transactions) provide.


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