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L’Express’ real estate special assesses the property sector of major French cities. Results diverge amongst those recuperating: while some have begun an uphill course towards recovery, others continue to struggle.

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A real estate special by L’Express paints an overview of property markets in major French cities. Scores are varied even amongst those doing well: some pedal on with ease, seeing buyers rush in to take advantage of auspicious factors, others aren’t far behind, catching up thanks to low prices and favorable interest rates.

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Bordeaux's real estate market thriving ➤ Paris Property Group

A new study ranks Bordeaux’s real estate as most attractive in France. One of the priciest French cities, Bordeaux’ property market is thriving, due in part to several urban development projects undertaken in recent years. Previously nicknamed the “Sleeping Beauty,” this qualifier is no longer valid for the newly dynamic capital of the Aquitaine region. […]

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Interactive map from Paris in the 18th century

We posted recently about a series of interactive maps of Paris in the 16th century. Now move on a couple centuries and zoom in on the city as it was in the 1730s, 50 years before the French Revolution.

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