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Falling real estate prices in La Rochelle have led to a slight swell in sales volumes in the center and around the city’s parks. Nonetheless, the Rochelais market has still not recovered its high performance of 2012. Suffering from a drop in real estate transactions the past three years, La Rochelle’s property sector has been […]

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With buyers returning to the market — thanks, in part, to interest rates on property loans reaching record lows — real estate professionals report being more optimistic about the future of the property sector. A report published on 21st September quantifies this renewed optimism. The survey, commissioned by the Crédit Foncier and the CSA, reveals […]

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Study finds that real estate acquisitions by non-residents are on the rise in France after a decline in 2013. This confirms the slow growth in foreign purchases begun in 2014. Foreigners are once again allowing themselves to be seduced by the French property market and are back to buy after two years of marked disinterest.

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France: withdrawal period after purchase agreement extended to 10 days • Paris Property Group

The time frame to decide whether to go forward with buying a property in France after signing a promesse de vente, or preliminary contract, has been extended from 7 to 10 days under the Loi Macron. As of August 8th, residential real estate buyers in France will have 10 days after signing the initial purchase agreement to […]

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French mortgage rates are starting to spell good news for borrowers, dropping to 3.31% in November.  We could see a new record low if this trend continues.

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Last Thursday, the Chambre des Notaires in Paris held a special meeting open to the public to discuss the recent changes to the wealth and capital gains tax laws implemented by President Hollande.  Our managing partner, Kerstin Bachmann, was there in person to take notes.  

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