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The rent caps were recently annulled in the capital. What does it mean for landlords, renters, and the market as a whole?  After a similar decision was taken in Lille, the Tribunal Administratif de Paris decided that imposing limitations on what landlords could charge in rent on their properties in Paris – but not its surrounding […]

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A new map illustrates how many years it would take to earn back the purchase price of a Paris apartment by each metro station; the most profitable investments are not where you might think they’d be. 

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Major rental housing platform Airbnb announced on August 25th that it will be collecting tourist tax from guests renting accommodation through them in Paris and giving it to the city, starting October 1st. Until now, site users offering their property for rent were meant to collect the tax from guests and relay it to the […]

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A study has found that most French cities have suffered a price decline in the rental market. The capital is an exception, with discrepancies noted according to property size. Trends observed in 2014 have intensified. In the first half of 2015 rents all over France fell by 1.7% on average, based on a study by […]

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Rent caps ➤ Parisian rent control law now public • Paris Property Group

The long awaited details of the soon to be implemented Parisian rent control law have now been made public. The law and its effects, discussed in an article by Paris Property group last month, have been viewed as controversial by investors, landlords and real estate professionals. In the works for some time, the Paris Prefecture […]

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Interview with Paris Perfect an Paris apartment rentals company • Paris Property Group

Continuing our series of interviews with collaborators, we talk to Madelyn Willems of Paris apartment rentals company, Paris Perfect.  1. Where do you come from, how long have you lived in Paris and what brought you here? My father was a US Air Force pilot, and we were posted to Naples and Rome in Italy, […]

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