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Question: I am purchasing an apartment in Paris. I am being charged on top of the purchase price for the refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher etc. Is this normal?  Normally, appliances and/or furniture are not included in the sale of an apartment. However, you can agree with the seller to buy them along with the property.

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The UK government has cracked down on the practice of purchasing properties through a company structure in order to avoid paying stamp duty. This measure is aimed in particular at wealthy foreign buyers who have bought investment properties that have subsequently been left empty.

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The luxury property market thrived in 2013, says a new report on international real estate. London was the most popular destination for luxury property buyers seeking a second home but also the most expensive. The latter factor may encourage buyers to start looking to other cities, including Paris.

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Who pays agency’s fee when buying/selling property in France

Question: In a French property transaction, who pays the selling agency’s fee, the buyer or the seller, and is it negotiable? Standard practice in France is that the selling agency’s fees normally amount to around 5% of the purchase price of the property. The fees are agreed between the seller and the real estate agent […]

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Real estate is in a class of its own when it comes to investment in alternative asset classes (i.e. not stocks, bonds or cash), a recent survey by Morgan Stanley reveals. Of U.S. high net worth (NHW) investors with $1million dollars or more in financial assets, 77% own real estate, while 35% own Real Estate […]

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Real estate prices in Paris may not be soaring as much as they did but certain properties still command a premium. The Paris and Ile-de-France notaires (officials who handle property sales) have recorded top prices for several Paris apartments during the 4th quarter of 2013.

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Interactive map from Paris in the 18th century

We posted recently about a series of interactive maps of Paris in the 16th century. Now move on a couple centuries and zoom in on the city as it was in the 1730s, 50 years before the French Revolution.

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Paris is a densely populated city with a high proportion of apartments to houses. Gardens and outside spaces are therefore at a premium. However, there are various ways of finding or creating an external space.

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Montmartre: a village within a city • Paris Property Group

When most people think of Montmartre, they imagine the gleaming white domed façade of the Sacré Coeur church that dominates Paris. Or they recall the artists at their easels waylaying tourists in the Place du Tertre. These are certainly symbols of this legendary area of the city but there’s more to it than that.

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Despite successive financial crises, Paris real estate remains a profitable investment. Property prices have more than tripled over 30 years. Smaller apartments and studios have seen higher percentage increases than larger apartments. The most active foreign investors in Paris property are the Italians. But foreign buyers have not significantly influenced real estate prices.

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