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Question: How did Haussmann pay for the renovation of Paris? Answer: I had to go to Wikipedia for this one because I didn’t know. After all things were not in good shape after the revolution! Wikipedia says Napoleon III, and engineers such as Michel Chevalier or entrepreneurs like the Pereire brothers, believed that

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Question: Hi Miranda, what is your favorite arrondissement or neighborhood and why?

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Question: Hi Miranda, Our short term apartment rental agency receives requests from our anglophone clientele time to time on advise on how to purchase properties in Paris. We would be interested in discussing potential business development opportunities with you. Answer: Hi, please let me know how to reach you. We often find properties for clients who […]

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Question: Hi Miranda, So great to find your company, I’m from the Bay Area and will be traveling to Paris for vacation, just happened to see this web-site. In mid-term, I would love to own a property in Paris – 1/2 bed/1 bath will be fine. Where should we start?

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