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Mortgage loan France

As a non-resident, obtaining a loan to finance a property investment in France is subject to certain peculiarities. Variable rates, application fees for a mortgage and mandatory life insurance are just some of the factors to bear in mind when applying for a loan in France.

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France: withdrawal period after purchase agreement extended to 10 days • Paris Property Group

The time frame to decide whether to go forward with buying a property in France after signing a promesse de vente, or preliminary contract, has been extended from 7 to 10 days under the Loi Macron. As of August 8th, residential real estate buyers in France will have 10 days after signing the initial purchase agreement to […]

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Title insurance to cover real estate purchase in France • PPG

Routinely included in real estate deals in the United States, title insurance has only recently emerged in France, and only under limited circumstances. 

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Change in French inheritance law

An EU-wide regulation, passed by the European Parliament in July 2012 with effect from August 2015, will result in a drastic and welcome change to the inheritance rules governing real estate in France, for both residents and non-residents alike. Our summary follows.

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Question: I am thinking of buying a property in Paris and am considering taking out a mortgage to do so. How do I go about this? French mortgage rates have never been so low, but they may not remain so for very much longer. If you are considering a mortgage, it makes sense to contact […]

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Buying a luxury apartment is a major investment. So you want to be sure you have all the information about it at your fingertips before you visit – and certainly before you buy.

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Continuing our series of collaborator interviews, Elyse and Stephen Gutman of the Corcoran Group tell us about the luxury real estate market in New York City. 1. Please give us a brief bio of your agency. The Corcoran Group was founded in 1973, as the market in New York City was transformed from a mainly […]

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Парис Проперти Груп, это агенство недвижимости, предлагающее полный спектр сервиса в Париже, Франция, объявляет о создании на своем сайте рубрики «Лучшее в Париже» и своих новых Интерактивных инструментах. «Лучшее в Париже» – это интерактивный гид по Парижу, в то время как страница «Рынок ресурсов» представляет постоянно обновляющуюся подборку показателей рынка недвижимости Парижа и другие сведения, […]

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Setting up a Société Civile Immobilière

The French Société Civile Immobilière (SCI) is a popular vehicle for purchasing real estate in France. Paris-based firm Pech de Laclause, Bathmanabane & Associés gives an overview of this structure and discusses some of the pros and cons. What is an SCI and when is it a suitable vehicle for buying and managing French property?

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Question: I am purchasing an apartment in Paris. I am being charged on top of the purchase price for the refrigerator, stove, oven, dishwasher etc. Is this normal?  Normally, appliances and/or furniture are not included in the sale of an apartment. However, you can agree with the seller to buy them along with the property.

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