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Paris Restaurants That Will Not Disappoint

Paris is known for its fabulous restaurants and some of the best food in the world. However, there are so many restaurants, not all of them live up to the expectation. We suggest making reservations and choosing your dining excursions carefully. Here are some of our favorite current restaurants to choose from. 

  1. Rūlo

Incredible Japanese hand rolls.

201, rue Saint-Maur – 10th arr.


  1. Lolo bistro

Awakens our taste buds with it’s original creations.

 53, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière – 9th arr.


  1. Bleu Bao

It is the place with it’s incomparable xialong bao. Don’t miss it! 

8, rue Saint-Lazare – 9th arr.

Blue Bao
  1. Dante

Surprising neo-bistro cuisine with fresh ingredients and “vins propres.”

14, rue de Paradis – 10th arr.


  1. Gargouille

Plates full of Mediterranean cuisine to share.     

7, rue Jean-Baptiste-Pigalle – 9th arr.


  1. Ardent

Wood-fired cuisine with intense heat and cocktails.

 40, rue Richer – 9th arr.


  1. Le BB restaurant

Enjoy creative cuisine and divine tapas to share in an ultra-warm 70’s atmosphere. 

8, rue Pierre Semard – 9th arr.


  1. Claudia

Essential fresh pasta in a bright and sunny atmosphere.

51, av. de la Motte-Picquet – 15th arr.


  1. La Noceria

The place for tapas with Hispanic flavors to celebrate.

58, rue d’Aboukir – 2nd arr.


  1. Tawlet

A buffet with a thousand and one Lebanese flavors.

 2, rue de la Fontaine-au-Roi – 11th arr.


  1. Tekés

Ancestral dishes straight from Jerusalem.

4 bis, rue Saint-Sauveur – 2nd arr.


  1. Bloom Sushi

Vegan sushi with a bouquet of flavors.

 99, rue Jouffroy-d’Abbans – 17th arr.


  1. Peppe Martyrs

Marvelous Neapolitan pizzas, rated the best in Europe in 2022.

61, rue des Martyrs – 9th arr.


  1. Mâche

Ultra-refined gourmet cuisine.

61, rue de Chabrol – 10th arr.


  1. La Main noire

Well thought-out healthy food. Seasonal brunches and specialty coffee. 

12, rue Cavallotti – 18th arr.


  1. La Latteria

Homemade mozzarella garnishing focaccia as well as tastings and arteliers.

151, rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière – 9th arr.


  1. Shosh

Israeli dishes full of flavor found in this deli/market/cafe/restaurant.

14, rue Saint-Sauveur – 2nd arr.


  1. Les Crèmes

A coffee shop, but go for the melt-in-your-mouth grilled cheese.

2, rue Marguerite-de-Rochechouart – 9th arr.


  1. Kalank

Marseille cuisine that smells like the holidays.

52, boulevard de Charonne – 20th arr.


  1. Neko Ramen Green

Homemade Ramen and incredible vegetable broth.

31, rue de Paradis – 10th arr.


  1. Bun’s Land

Totally addictive Chinese street-food cooking up Xi’AN – a dumpling dream.

54 bis, rue de Lancry – 10th arr.


  1. Chez Elo

Delicious toasted sandwiches made with the best ingredients.

61, rue de Bretagne – 3rd arr.


  1. Alluma

A Mediterranean tasting menu worth the wait to get a reservation.

151, rue Saint-Maur – 11th arr.


  1. Bichettes

Ultra-comforting old-school cuisine.

11, rue Marie-et-Louise – 10th arr.


  1. Ha Noi 1988 Sao Vang

Homemade noodles and 80’s style decor.

16, rue le Regrattier – 4th arr.


  1. Orgueil 

Impressive combinations of tastes in a stunning atmosphere.

6, rue Popincourt – 11th arr.


  1. Double Vie

Mediterranean dishes to share, so bring the family.

2, rue Poulet – 18th arr.


  1. Jeanne-Aimée

Farm fresh products and delicate dishes.

3, rue Bourdaloue – 9th arr.


  1. Restaurant Omar Dhiab

Sensational gourmet dishes for a sensational tasting menu.

23, rue Hérold – 1st arr.


  1. Meshuga

A Jewish deli with New York-style hot dogs.

3, rue Vavin – 6th arr.


Original Article written by Maria Sumalla, Published on  December 21, 2022

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