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Paris: one of the world’s oldest artists’ studios gets a makeover.

In the heart of Paris’s 15th arrondissement, Atelier 11 stands as a testament to artistic history, having hosted luminaries such as Gauguin, Soutine, and Modigliani within its storied walls. Yet, time has weathered this venerable studio, leaving its walls cracked and its famed skylights in need of restoration.

Anticipation reverberates as plans unfold for an extensive renovation slated to commence in 2024. Spearheaded by the Fondation du Patrimoine, and propelled by the visionary Stéphane Bern, this ambitious endeavor aims not just to refurbish but to honor the rich artistic heritage ensconced in Rue Falguière.


Unveiling glimpses of the future, Air Arts and Cité Falguière, passionate advocates for the studio’s restoration, recently showcased renderings envisioning the post-2024 workshop. Aiming to preserve Montparnasse’s artistic legacy for future generations, a generous endowment of 105,000 euros will rejuvenate the building’s façades, safeguarding its architectural marvels.

The meticulous renovation blueprint zeroes in on critical aspects: the revitalization of the 19th-century glass roofs, essential for thermal comfort, and the redesign of the expansive double-height space, promising enhanced functionality. Comprehensive interior revamps encompass paintwork, flooring, insulation, electrical, plumbing, and heating systems, while even the aged staircases and mezzanine will undergo meticulous reconstruction. In recognition of contemporary challenges, a full insulation overhaul will ensure the studio’s adaptability to modern times.

However, amid this transformation, a nod to history remains pivotal. Soutine’s timeless depiction of the studio’s facade will serve as a guiding light, ensuring that the essence of its storied past permeates the rejuvenated space.


Post-renovation, Atelier 11 is poised to blossom anew, offering two adorned studios replete with en-suite bathrooms, a communal workshop fostering collaboration, and a convivial area boasting a fully-equipped kitchen. The space will also house an exhibition and projection area, alongside a cutting-edge documentation center dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

A venture estimated at one million euros, this ambitious project seeks further support through a fervent call for donations and sponsorship, complementing the Foundation’s generous endowment. As the restoration commences, the timeless spirit of artistic creation in the heart of Paris eagerly awaits its renaissance.

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