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Paris Hotel Prices Surge as 2024 Olympics Loom.

PARIS — As the City of Light prepares to host the world for the 2024 Summer Olympics, visitors seeking accommodation in the heart of Paris should brace themselves for a hefty price tag. With a surge in demand expected during the games, travelers may find it challenging to secure an affordable hotel room in the French capital.
“The Olympic Games will spur worldwide demand to visit Paris,” said Melanie Fish, Head of Global PR for Expedia Group, in a recent email communication. “With that heightened demand, travelers should expect higher rates.”
During the Olympic Games, slated to take place from July 26 to August 11, and the subsequent Paralympics running from August 28 to September 8, Paris is bracing for an impressive 15.3 million visitors, as disclosed by a spokesperson for the city’s tourist office in a statement to USA TODAY. This surge in visitors will have to be accommodated within the confines of just under 134,000 hotel rooms available in Greater Paris.
For those contemplating a hotel booking during this period, here’s what you need to know:
Soaring Hotel Prices in the City of Love
According to data provided by, a subsidiary of Expedia Group, the daily rates at select Parisian hotels during the 2024 Olympics have skyrocketed to as high as $1,000 per night. For travelers with budgetary constraints, more reasonably priced accommodations can be found, with rates averaging between $500 and $600 per night.
For context, insights from the booking site indicated that between July and August 2022, the average daily rate in Paris was slightly over $264, and approximately $204 for the same period in 2021 (data for 2023 remains undisclosed). Melanie Fish cautioned, “In any case, we recommend that travelers plan early to secure their hotels before availability becomes limited.”
Exploring Alternatives
Other forms of lodging have also seen a surge in interest. Airbnb reported a remarkable increase in views of available listings in the Paris region during the Olympics. The figures were more than 100 times higher in the first half of the year when compared to the same dates in 2023. As of the most recent data available, nightly rates in Paris during the games were averaging $888 for two adults, according to Airbnb’s website.
Betsy Ball, co-founder and partner of the travel agency Euro Travel Coach, advised travelers to make their hotel reservations as soon as they confirm their plans to visit Paris next summer. She recommended opting for a flexible or cancellable rate, if possible, to ensure greater booking flexibility. “Getting something on the books now is a traveler’s best chance of being able to stay in a good central location at a more reasonable rate,” she advised.
The same principle applies to vacation rentals, with Ball anticipating a potential increase in inventory as more Airbnb and Vrbo listings are expected to become available during the games.
Paris Battles Bedbugs
Notably, the city is grappling with a bedbug infestation in the lead-up to the Olympics. Reports of the blood-sucking insects have emerged from various locations, including cinemas and Charles de Gaulle Airport. However, despite these concerns, professionals in the accommodation, restaurant, and tourist industries have reassured that the issue remains marginal.
“Parisian tourism actors are aware of the problem and have been taking action for several years now, using tried and tested protocols,” affirmed the tourist office spokesperson. Paris Deputy Mayor Emmanuel Grégoire has also quashed concerns, stating that the insects do not pose a threat to the upcoming Olympics, as reported by CNN.

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