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Paris 2024 Olympics Security Unwavering Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict.


MUMBAI (Reuters) – Despite the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian group Hamas, the chief of the organizing committee for the Paris 2024 Olympics, Tony Estanguet, affirmed on Monday that the security arrangements for next year’s Games in France will remain unaffected.

Recent protests have emerged in France, which hosts both Europe’s largest Muslim and Jewish communities. Following an Islamist attack that claimed the life of a teacher, the nation elevated its security alert status to the highest level. In response, President Emmanuel Macron deployed up to 7,000 soldiers to bolster security measures. Bomb threats even prompted the evacuation of the renowned Louvre museum. It’s a familiar pattern, as conflicts in the Middle East have historically fanned domestic tensions.

Estanguet assured reporters, “We will not change our plans with what is happening at the moment because since the beginning we are at the best level in terms of security with Paris 2024.” He emphasized meticulous planning, stating, “From the year 2020, we know very carefully how many people we need venue by venue, day by day, and we continue to work with the public authorities to guarantee the security.”

France has committed to deploying approximately 35,000 security personnel, including military forces, solely for safeguarding the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games. This event, a river parade along the Seine through central Paris, presents unique challenges, including the threat of drone strikes. Hundreds of thousands of spectators are anticipated to line the 6km route, witnessing national delegations embark on a flotilla of boats from the Austerlitz Bridge to the base of the Eiffel Tower. It marks the first time an Olympic opening ceremony of this scale will take place outside a stadium.

Recent tensions prompted French authorities to disperse a prohibited rally in support of the Palestinian cause, deploying teargas and water cannon. President Macron urged unity and cautioned against allowing the Israel-Hamas conflict to permeate domestic discourse.

France, having endured a series of Islamist attacks over the years, including the tragic events of November 2015, remains resolute in its commitment to ensuring the security of the Paris 2024 Olympics. Tony Estanguet, a three-time Olympic gold medalist in canoe slalom, affirmed, “From the beginning of the journey, security is really a part of the project,” citing the 2015 terrorist attack as a pivotal moment in shaping the prioritization of security measures for the Games.


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