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Camille Charriere’s guide to the city of light during Paris Fashion Week.

These are the most fashionable places in Paris to visit during Paris Fashion Week, according to Parisienne it-girl Camille Charriere. The City of Lights is the capital of fashion year-round, but when Paris Fashion Week hits, the city takes things to a whole new level. We chatted to Parisienne icon Camille Charriere about her favourite places to visit during Paris Fashion Week, from the shows she is most excited to see to her favourite restaurants to visit.


Why do you love Paris Fashion Week? “Paris is always a treat. During fashion week, the city really comes alive – so many interesting and cool people travel from all around the globe, making it even more international than it usually is. Plus, fashion is revered culturally in France, so attending the shows also means being given exciting and sometimes unprecedented access to some of the city’s most iconic landmarks, museums, streets and secrets. No two seasons are the same. It’s a real privilege to be able to be part of it.”


What shows are you most looking forward to seeing at Paris Fashion Week 2023? “I’ve gotten quite predictable in recent seasons. As usual, I am the most looking forward to the YSL show, which opens the fashtivities in front of the Eiffel Tower. It is one that I simply won’t miss, as it’s always so quintessentially Parisian and intimate. I also have a major soft spot for MiuMiu and everything Miuccia Prada and her stylist Lotta Volkova bring to the table: irreverence, femininity, playfulness and a dash of the unknown. I’m always keen to see what Jonathan Anderson will create at Loewe, as his poetic runway collections are mesmerising in person.”


Which French designers are you excited about right now? “I love the work of the Coperni boys who are at the forefront of the intersection of fashion and tech. The last time I attended their show, they spray-painted a dress onto Bella Hadid out of thin air, which went viral in a matter of moments. It stayed with me for a lot longer than shows normally do. I also love the work of Ludovic de Saint Sernin, or the super colourful Mossi — he works with underprivileged youth in his atelier, offering training to those less likely to be given the opportunity. And Nicolas Di Felice at Courreges always has something relevant and fresh to say.”


What are your top tips for attending Paris Fashion Week? “Don’t overpack your schedule. You want to have time to float around and really soak in what the city has to offer. It’s always hard with Paris because there are so many incredible designers showing, but I always find that by doing less you will enjoy and absorb the beautiful ideas put in front of you a lot more easily.”


Tell us about your favourite restaurants in Paris. “Le Cafe de la Poste is delicious, easy and so fun for people watching. You can even wonder over to Musée National Picasso for a gander if you have a little time to spare. Le Cibus is super romantic and feels like a hidden gem – go if you are craving pasta and a good glass of red and be sure to order the ceviche. For a Parisian institution, try Le Voltaire. We had our wedding rehearsal dinner there – the food is typically French and the waiters have been working there forever, something that greatly adds to the place’s charm and character.”


Which are your favourite Parisian bars? “Chateau Voltaire has the yummiest fries and the cosiest interior – I’m a big fan of snuggling up on their sofa with a glass of bordeaux (and you might even spot an Olsen). Naturally, Cafe de Flore is always welcoming no matter the time of day or the occasion, or for drinks after dark head to Hotel Amout or it’s little sister Hotel Grand Amour.”


Where are the best cafés for a snack and a coffee? “For a takeaway treat, I can’t live without the fashionista hideout Wild and the Moon. Juices, healthy salads, plant-based milk and everything a non-Parisian eater might be craving when visiting (Paris a city notoriously tricky when it comes to vegan options). The coffee shop in Merci is a book lover’s dream, or head to Le Bristol if you are feeling fancy and want to treat yourself.”


What are the best shops to visit in Paris Fashion Week? “Visit Charvet to get your refill of the ‘stolen-from-the-boys’ shirt. Make sure you book an appointment to avoid disappointment because it’s recently become fashion’s worst-kept secret. Anyone keen to come home with some killer vintage should try Nuovo Paris, and Pretty Box is a must visit if you are looking for treasures and are ready to empty your wallet.”


Are there any events or exhibitions popping up for PFW that you’re looking forward to? “I always like to check what is on at the The Centre Pompidou. I also haven’t visited Serge Gainsbourg’s house that has been turned into a museum – a must-see for the Birk-o-phile in me. Other than that, I’ll go where the city takes me. The City of Light is best enjoyed by foot or by bike.”


Do you have any secret spots in Paris you always go back to? “Martel! A local couscous joint in the 10th that is literally my favourite place in the world.”


Which is your favourite Parisian neighbourhood? “I really love the 9th. Rue des Martyrs for shopping and weekend wandering. And the 11th, bien sur.”



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