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4 major innovations that will transform Paris’s périphérique

Plain, dreary, and polluted, the Paris périphérique is long overdue for a makeover.  Inaugurated in 1973, the 35-km long expressway has remained unchanged for the past 40 years, falling victim to countless critiques and complaints.  In order to update this thoroughfare for today’s modern needs, the City of Paris has put forth four major proposals, mostly concerning traffic and diversified modes of transportation.  Read on to discover what could lie ahead in the very near future.

1. A speed limit of 50 km/h

Already lowered to 70 km/hour in 2014, the speed limit on Paris’s ring road might be reduced even further to keep traffic moving along.  “A speed limit reduction is a necessary first step before before any other changes,” explains Paul Lecroart from Le Parisien.  “When we go slower, we need less space.”

2. Lanes reserved for clean energy vehicles

The City of Paris has also advocated for a reserved lane for “clean” vehicles, public transportation, and carpools.  Today’s ring road, which is made up of 4 to 5 lanes, could thus be reduced to only 2 throughout the entire network.  Heavy-weight vehicles, in turn, should no longer have access to the périphérique.

3. Bike lanes and sidewalks

Although 1.2 million vehicles use the périph’ on a daily basis, the City of Paris aims to encourage the use of bikes and to improve the overall quality of life in the capital.  Thus, by 2030, bicycle and pedestrian traffic on the expressway will be permitted.


4. New complexes near Porte Maillot

Two major real estate projects straddling the expressway have already begun near the Porte Maillot side of the périph’:  Milles arbres and Ville multistrate.  These ultra-modern complexes will house apartment units, office buildings, shops, restaurants, a hotel, and even a preschool. 

If these recommendations are adopted, law enforcement and city planning should take place later this year.




Source: 4 innovations qui vont transformer le périph’ parisien

Cover photo: MPD01605 [CC BY-SA]

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