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Renovations planned at Porte Maillot

Two major real estate operations straddling the périphérique near Porte Maillot in the Ternes neighborhood are awaiting their building permits. Before that, however, Parisians can consult the files for the two ideas, Mille Arbres and Multistrates, and react online.


“In the Ternes and Porte Maillot area, renovation operations are going to increase before the 2024 Olympic Games. We will succeed because a precise coordination of the worksites is being prepared,” said Jean-Louis Missika, deputy mayor in charge of urban planning, in his office.  Besides the work in progress for the extension of the RER to the west, and in addition to the announced extension of the tramway 3b to Porte de Dauphine, these two major office and residential real estate projects are making headlines.

By municipal decree dated November 9th, 2018, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, created an online public inquiry open until Friday January 11th, 2019 at 5 PM.  Mille Arbres and Multistrates are an integral part of the vast urban renewal in the 17th, one of the 22 sites planned as part of the “Réinventer Paris” operation launched in November 2014.

Both buildings will be constructed above the périphérique, one on the Porte Maillot side and the other on the Ternes side.


Mille Arbres Porte Maillot

The most striking is undoubtedly Mille Arbres, 59,514 m² of ultramodern building in the shape of an ocean liner, whose drawn-up photos have already surprised us with their originality. Before planting 1,000 trees in the 1st and 8th floor gardens, the small existing buildings at the bus station will be demolished. A 10-story building with 3 underground levels, including planted interior patios, will be built, housing offices, a 244-room tourist hotel, 107 housing units (including single-family homes and 43 social housing units), a 120-bed crèche, and restaurants. The Pershing bus station will also be rebuilt.


Multistrates Ternes

The other project, Multistrates, might seem more classic if it wasn’t for its use of wood, which adds an organic modernity to the site.  A first 7-story office building (including 51 parking spaces) will be built next to a second 9-story residential building (90 units including 28 social housing units), with shops on the ground floor. The two flat-roofed buildings will be topped by a collective garden with 4 agricultural greenhouses.


Le projet Multistrates./DR


Let your voice be heard

Mille Arbres will generate €167 million in construction rights for the City, while Multistrates will come in around €40 million.  Before construction can start, however, city planners await the opinions of local residents, who will soon see their neighborhood densify as much of the dead-zone natural to le périphérique area will be replaced by these new real estate projects.

The public inquiry concerning Mille Arbres will include meetings in the 17th arrondissement town hall led by an investigating commissioner. The entire file of the project has been made available to the public online.  Project details concerning Multistrates have also been posted online and any questions, comments, or concerns will be noted through the site.



Source: Paris : donnez votre avis avant la révolution porte Maillot

Cover Photo: Geralix, Wikimedia Commons

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