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Paris is one of the “super-cities” that attracts worldwide commercial real estate investment

Recent research shows that investment in real estate is driving cities’ economic success rather than just being a consequence of it. Worldwide investment in commercial real estate over the past decade has totaled $4.6 trillion. Half of this has been concentrated in 30 cities.

Investors are targeting specific cities, resulting in an increase in demand for prime commercial properties. Paris is one of the so-called super-cities – a category that includes New York, London and Tokyo. They account for one-fifth of global commercial real estate investment.

The super-cities are particularly sought after since they are dynamic, international business and financial centers that offer attractive infrastructure and lifestyle benefits. Cross-border capital investment has helped boost demand in these cities.

The research shows that cities in the tier below, primary cities, have also benefited from continuing high demand for commercial real estate in the super-cities, where demand for prime properties outstrips supply.


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