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Paris rises to 2nd place among European cities for commercial property investment  

The latest research shows that Paris occupies 2nd place among 100 European cities for commercial property demand, just after London. This is one place up from the city’s ranking in 2013.

LaSalle Investment Management publishes the European Regional Growth Index (E-REGI) every year. The index identifies the best performing regions in Europe for commercial real estate demand.

The report shows that, overall, the prospects for European economic and employment growth are increasing. The best-performing cities have a strong performance in economic fundamentals that LaSalle defines as “Demographics, Technology and Urbanization”.

Paris is particularly strong in R&D, having the highest level of expenditure of all the cities listed in the index. In fact, the index indicates that its R&D spend is higher than that of Russia, Spain and Sweden put together.

The Ile de France region, which includes Paris, contributes one third of the country’s total GDP. In addition, it has a dynamic and diversified local economy. All of these factors contribute to Paris’ perceived importance as an economic hub, the report says.

This reputation has enabled Paris to become the second most sought after city in Europe by investors. The best assets are sought in particular by Middle Eastern and Asian investors.

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