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Paris is one of the most attractive cities in the world for business investment, according to a new survey

International business leaders rate Paris the third most attractive city in the world for business investment, according to a recent survey carried out for KPMG. This is a jump of two places in the space of a year.

The survey questioned leaders of 511 international firms on three criteria: image; current attractiveness; and potential over three years. London and New York remain in the top two slots overall, but 11% of business leaders put Paris next.

On the criterion of current attractiveness alone, Paris has risen six places in the ranking since 2013 to occupy third place. It outstripped other international business centers, including Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Paris also occupies third place among cities with the best image. Middle Eastern investors, in particular, prize Paris on this measure, just behind Dubai.

KPMG’s annual research report “Global Cities Investment Monitor” also ranks the features that business investors consider most important in choosing investment locations. The three principal features are fiscal stability, quality of infrastructure, and availability of skills and talent. Paris scores highly on infrastructure and skills. In addition, the French capital is valued for the quality of life, accessibility, and market size it offers.

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