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Hot Topic: Does the Mairie of Paris have the right to limit apartment rentals?

A poll on Figaro Immobilier yesterday asked readers to cast their vote on whether or not the Mairie de Paris (Paris City Hall) is right to want to limit the number of furnished apartment rentals in Paris.  This topic is hot in the press right at the moment, because of the Paris mayor’s promise to shut down what he considers illegal short term rentals in the city.

There is one side of the argument that says that short term, furnished rentals in Paris, are taking away valuable real estate from residents who need apartments and can’t find anything.  These short term, vacation rentals, have come under intense scrutiny from the Mairie of Paris, to the extent that many organizations have been threatened to stop renting their properties.

The other argument is that property owners should have the freedom to do what they wish with their property, whether that be rent it, either personally, or through a vacation rental agency.

Le Figaro’s poll had an interesting result: an overwhelming NO response: 

Does the Mairie of Paris have the right to want to limit the number of furnished rental apartments?

Go to Le Figaro Immobilier to cast your vote and read some of the controversial comments stirring up the debate.

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