rue Bourgogne 75007 Paris
1-bed, 1-bath; 1st floor (no elevator);
€ 14,600 / m2

Apartment facts

Total n° of Rooms2
Size54 m2 / 581.26 sq ft
N° of Bedrooms1
N° of Bathrooms1

It could be the subject of a real estate reality show. Paris Property Group clients Jeff and Kristy, a young couple expecting their first child, wanted a pied-a-terre in Paris that would also be a great rental investment property. The pair, physicians based in Phoenix, Arizona, first thought Jeff would come to look at property alone, so that Kristy wouldn’t have to travel late in her pregnancy; but he didn’t want to make the choice for them both. So they took a leap of faith and asked PPG to search for them, to send photos and videos of anything interesting, and see what would come.

The couple could imagine their life in Paris: out the door for morning runs along the Seine from a historic apartment on the left bank, preferably in the 7th arrondissement. They would be securing a mortgage, and wanted to find and furnish their place before mid-August, to enjoy during their planned vacation.

Paris Property Group agent Jennifer Jomard accepted the challenge. The search was on! After considering a number of properties, Jeff and Kristy decided on a one-bedroom property located in the area between the Orsay and Rodin museums, near Assemblée Nationale. The apartment offered the perfect mix of elegant, historical features, flexible space and an upscale, central location within easy walking distance of all the historical monuments in Paris. Original parquet de Versailles flooring and impressive floor-to-ceiling windows offering lovely views on a historic hotel particulier across the street gave the space the palatial feeling they were hoping to find. The four-meter-high ceilings had allowed for a second sleeping space to be lofted above the kitchen and bathroom, effectively a second bedroom. Negotiations began, and within days, Kristy and Jeff were thrilled to land the apartment. The final negotiated price was about 14,000 € per m2, an excellent price for the property, which left room in the budget for closing costs and furnishings.

The project moved into its next phase: give the apartment a fresh style all its own. The property needed almost no renovation work, and interior designer Molly Poiset took over. With less than two months to complete the transformation, and much of that time during the slow summer months when it is difficult to accomplish much, she had her work cut out for her. Molly’s genius is her ability to put a chic spin on otherwise humble materials, creating combinations that are both elegant and zen. The custom dress-maker stitching on the curtains and chairs is a perfect example, as are the woolly recovered stools and the plain, repainted hutch. A stone fireplace, added to anchor the room, looks as if it has always been there.

The beds can be connected to form a King, or arranged separately.

The loft area sits above the kitchen and bath, overlooking the hall and living area. Newly outfitted with custom made tufted mattresses, the space functions as a guest room, kid space or for TV viewing.

Even the 18th century cellar got a make-over, and now serves as a fun and fabulous wine tasting spot.

Molly and her team were in high gear on the final days before the owners arrived, adding all the finishing touches so that their first view of their new place would be perfect. According to Jeff and Kristy, it was.

You can visit Jeff and Kristy’s new place on the Paris Perfect website where it is available to rent…that is, whenever they can bear to be away from it. Let Paris Property Group help you find your dream place too:

Photos and design: Molly Poiset


Paris: 7th arrondissement

Quintessential Paris, the 7th is divided into distinct neighborhoods each with a different feeling. The areas near Champs de Mars and bordering the 6th tend to be more highly prized, while the area near the 15th can feel very residential and quiet. On a sunny day, the 7th is perfect for strolling through the gardens of the gorgeous Rodin museum, or sitting on the Champ de Mars in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, enjoying a picnic. The charming rue Cler abounds with produce, meat, cheeses, breads, spices and more are on offer, flanked by plenty of sidewalk cafés. The 7th is also home to many government offices, ministries and the Assemblée Nationale, seat of the French parliament. Sought after for it’s central location, proximity to parks and it’s spacious feeling, real estate in the 7th is the second most expensive in Paris, right behind the 6th. The Carré des Antiquaires, north of the Boulevard Saint Germain toward the Seine, is one of the most coveted residential addresses in the city. 

Average price: 14,687 €/m2; -3.5% over 1 year, + 24.7% over 10 years

Stratospheric prices are becoming the norm in the 7th due to sustained interest by both foreign investors and residential buyers, and a general shortage of apartments on the market. Prices in the 7th are among the most expensive of anywhere in Paris, behind only the 6th.  The area around the Champs de Mars, Invalides and rue Cler are pricey, especially if they have a view.  The Carré des Antiquaires area bordering the 6th is where you’ll find some of the steepest prices.

Current Market Prices — 7th arrondissement

Neighborhood Price/m2 in euros
Low Medium High
Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin € 11,714 € 16,822 € 27,289
Invalides € 11,594 € 16,108 € 27,385
Ecole-Militaire € 10,364 € 13,860 € 20,185
Gros-Caillou € 10,445 € 13,906 € 21,365

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