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French real estate sector recovery to intensify ➤ Paris Property Group

The French real estate sector’s renewed activity is set to continue into this year. Olivier Eluère, economist at the Crédit Agricole explains its recovery’s positive influence on the country’s economy. After a lengthy housing slump the property sector is doing well again while the construction industry has also recovered, stabilizing in 2015 after seven years […]

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In MeilleursAgents’ latest barometer of residential property prices, the current health of the French real estate market is chiefly attributed to exceptional loan conditions. MeilleursAgents 79th monthly barometer finds that advantageous mortgage rates, which have decreased again by 0.2% during February, are encouraging buyers to purchase homes. In addition, the market has entered its high […]

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Falling real estate prices in La Rochelle have led to a slight swell in sales volumes in the center and around the city’s parks. Nonetheless, the Rochelais market has still not recovered its high performance of 2012. Suffering from a drop in real estate transactions the past three years, La Rochelle’s property sector has been […]

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Ernst & Young released a study this month surveying a significant grouping of active French real estate investors.  According to the report, 77% of investors surveyed believe that France will be an attractive investment market in 2012.

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