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With the global refugee crisis intensifying, private companies and public officials in France have prepared a number of temporary and permanent real estate solutions to house refugees. On Monday 7th September, President François Hollande announced that France would accommodate 24,000 migrants over a period of two years. Both elected officials and private actors have been […]

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Interactive real estate map to help find your home ➤ Paris Property Group

Properties in Paris are traditionally marketed by price per square meter. Now FNAIM, the trade association for realtors in Paris and the Ile-de-France region, has developed an interactive real estate map. This allows you to identify the arrondissements (districts) that have properties in the price range and of the type you’re looking for.

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In central Paris you are rarely more than 500 meters (1/3 mile) from a métro (subway) station – it’s one of the densest subway systems in the world. Since using the subway is such a convenient way of getting around the city, closeness to a station is a factor influencing property prices.

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In response to the stark reduction in the volume of real estate sales nationwide and the resulting loss in capital gains tax revenue, President Hollande proposed to reduce the capital gains tax on real estate sales – for a limited time.

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