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A new study measuring property purchasing power in ten major French cities sees Marseille come out on top, while Paris unsurprisingly places last. recently published a study quantifying purchasing power for real estate in ten cities in France. Using its own regularly published barometer of credit rates in different cities as well as sales […]

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When buying French property is cheaper than renting • PPG

To buy or not to buy? A new study offers a detailed response to a common deliberation by calculating the number of years required to recover the cost of acquiring one’s home. The study focuses on 37 of the largest cities in France. A new study published on 14th September by mortgage broker has […]

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The Paris real estate market is experiencing a marked revival, with prices falling, sellers willing to negotiate and interest rates on real estate loans at a record low. These favorable conditions have led to a recovery in the capital. This trend, observed by the Paris notaires in their latest property report, is confirmed by industry […]

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Mortgage interest rates in France remain at their lowest for years at around 3%. French property experts consider that this helped to sustain the market for older properties (as opposed to new construction) in 2013.

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