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Has French real estate made a full-fledged recovery? Professionals’ opinions vary, yet all agree that significant progress has been made. Real estate transactions increased substantially throughout 2015 and into 2016. What’s next for prices in the capital?

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The slump suffered by larger apartments in Paris finally lifted last year, mainly due to a 15% fall in prices over the past few years. Luxury real estate agency Daniel Féau hail 2015 as a “record” year for larger properties in the capital. Remaining unsold for several months or even several years, large properties in […]

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A sustained price drop in the first six months of 2015 led to Tours’ real estate market regaining activity after a quiet couple of years. Buyers returned, leading to a price increase reducing sales volumes. After a slow 2014, Tours’ property wheel began to spin again this year. No doubt encouraged by low interest rates […]

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This week, the US dollar rose to a nine year high against the Euro. One euro is currently worth about $1.19, compared to a low of around $1.58 in April 2008. This time last year, the rate was $1.36 to the euro.

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