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Sales volumes are increasing and prices are stabilizing in Nantes and its immediate periphery. The city center remains attractive to investors and houses in the near suburbs enjoy renewed interest from buyers searching for first or second homes. After a relatively bleak performance in 2014, Nantes property market is currently imbued with cautious optimism once again. […]

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After two years of steady decline, the number of property transactions in Annecy is on the rise once again. With prices perched at high levels however, buyers are increasingly turning towards the new build sector. Prized for its famous lake and proximity to the Alps’ snowy slopes, Annecy’s real estate had nonetheless been almost deserted […]

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While policymakers just signed an environmental agreement during the Paris Climate Talks, certain policies are already in place in France to promote energy-efficient housing. With environmental concerns weighing increasingly on lawmakers’ decisions, France has been steadily developing and implementing ecological incentives for homeowners to improve their properties’ energy performance in the last few years. A recent […]

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When buying French property is cheaper than renting • PPG

To buy or not to buy? A new study offers a detailed response to a common deliberation by calculating the number of years required to recover the cost of acquiring one’s home. The study focuses on 37 of the largest cities in France. A new study published on 14th September by mortgage broker has […]

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With buyers returning to the market — thanks, in part, to interest rates on property loans reaching record lows — real estate professionals report being more optimistic about the future of the property sector. A report published on 21st September quantifies this renewed optimism. The survey, commissioned by the Crédit Foncier and the CSA, reveals […]

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Attracted by a sharp drop in property prices and low interest rates, buyers are returning very gradually to the Southern French city, whose real estate market had a particularly bad year in 2014.

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