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Ever wondered where the Haussmannian legacy is strongest, or where Paris’ oldest buildings are to be found? A new map from the city hall’s official urban planning think-tank illustrates the capital’s age using the most comprehensive database of building records to date.

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Erected in a variety of epochs, Parisian kiosques, or bandstands, are a common sight in many of the capitals’ parks and gardens. This year the City of Paris has launched the renovation of 34 of them. Following the announcement at the beginning of April of the greening of 41 Parisian walls as part of the […]

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This is the first in a series looking at some of the sumptuous palaces and mansions for which the City of Light is rightly famed. Located opposite the Louvre in Paris’s central 1st arrondissement (district), the Palais Royal has a long and colorful history. It has been home to royalty and aristocracy, once contained a […]

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Interactive map from Paris in the 18th century

We posted recently about a series of interactive maps of Paris in the 16th century. Now move on a couple centuries and zoom in on the city as it was in the 1730s, 50 years before the French Revolution.

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