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Paris Property Group adds property management services in Paris

The prospect of owning a property in Paris, whether it is an elegant pied-à-terre in Saint-Germain-dés-Près or a cozy place in the Marais, can be daunting.  In a country where the language and customs might not be familiar to you yet, you need someone looking out for your interests.
Our clients have been asking us to add more property management services.  We’ve always offered the initial set up of utilities and online auto-pay for our clients, as well as facilitating renovation and rental management.  Now we’re expanding our services to add:
  • Turning on AC/Heat before you or your guests’ arrival and making sure everything in the apartment is in working order, including TV/cable/Internet.
  • Organizing arrival and departure transport.
  • Meeting you or your guests with keys.
  • Checking mail and scanning it to you (with summary/translation if needed) so you don’t miss any important documents.
  • Assistance with any administrative issues.
  • Set-up of autopay for all utilities and bills.
  • Arranging cleanings before/during/after visits.
  • Receiving packages, deliveries, stocking the apartment with food, etc.
  • Attending and voting at all annual co-owners’ meetings.
  • Helping with special plans and reservations for your time in Paris.

We know Paris because we live here and our bi-lingual, bi-cultural property management team bring an American sense of ‘customer service’ to every aspect of caring for your apartment.

If you’d like to know more about all of the ways we can make your life in Paris easier and more enjoyable, please let us know.  We’re here to help.

Contact Paris Property Group to learn more about buying or selling property in Paris.

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