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What will change in the Paris regional transport system in 2022: The end of the metro ticket, new metro stations

Three major new changes await travelers in Ile-de-France this year: the inauguration of four new metro stations, the end of the ticket and the “fare shield”.


To start the year with a bang, Île-de-France Mobilités and the RATP recently inaugurated two new metro stations on line 4, extended south of Montrouge: Barbara and Lucie-Aubrac, in Bagneux. In May, two other brand new stations will be put into service, on line 12 this time and towards the north: Aimé-Césaire and Mairie-d’Aubervilliers. In addition, the inhabitants of Ile-de-France will be consulted to define the design of the future  Câble A (94) and the new T1 tramway trains (92-93).

The Lucie-Aubrac station, in Bagneux. (@ACBarbier)

A price cap to “break with territorial inequity”

The year 2022 will also mark the end of the cardboard metro ticket, born in 1900, in favor of Easy or Discovery cards, contactless and rechargeable. But this dematerialization, which was to take place in March, was postponed until the fall “because of the global shortage of smart cards”, we sigh at IDFM. Another dematerialization planned for the end of 2022: that extended to almost all Android smartphones (HCE technology), which will be able to integrate the Navigo pass. Negotiations with Apple for iPhones are still ongoing.

In March, the transport organizing authority still plans to set up its “tariff shield” aimed at “breaking with territorial inequity”, according to Stéphane Beaudet, vice-president for transport: the price of tickets will be capped at 4 euros in booklets of 10 and 5 euros per unit, all areas combined. The shortfall for IDFM should amount to 62 million euros per year, according to estimates by CEO Laurent Probst. But that’s counting without the “air call effect” hoped for to “bring people back to public transport”.



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