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Paris real estate: How to speed up sale of your property

You have put a home up for sale but your sale is dragging on, how can you speed it up? Charlie Cailloux, a legal advisor for Particulier à Particulier and the site says if a sale is taking longer than desired, it may not necessarily because of the price alone.

We get it, you want to sell your home and quickly, but it’s not always easy. Charlie Cailoux says, “there are actually three things that can slow down your sale, too high a price, an unflattering ad and unfortunately, an uncompetitive market.” On the third point, you can’t do anything about it, though, the first two points are within your control. If it is the price, you first must look at the sales in your neighborhood. The sales announcements are always published, you can find them on By understanding the properties that are selling and at which prices, you will be able to find the right selling price range for your property. If you are only looking at the property announcements you may be charging too low and procuring many offers but it is useless if you do not sell for the right price. 


The majority of sales are made in less than three months when the price is fixed correctly according to the market. However, the correct price alone will not peak enough buyer’s interest. A beautiful and accurate ad is very important. A good sales ad is an announcement with beautiful photos and ideally a virtual tour. Today it is possible to create a virtual visit by hiring a professional photographer. It is a service that allows the buyer to move through the house accurately from the comfort of their computer or even their smartphone. Suddenly, you will be contacted for real visits by motivated buyers. With a beautiful ad, you set the value of your home and avoid useless visits. 


It is imperative to create a concrete list of demands from the interested buyers to make sure they are financially a good match for the sale. It is only advisable to accept a purchase offer after having the buyer provide you with a credit report, i.e. an agreement in principle from their bank in the weeks leading up to the purchase. In almost all cases the financing will be granted and the sale will come to completion. 


In summary, to ensure a quick sale of your property, make sure to check the sales transitions from your neighborhood to fix a correct asking price, spend the time and money on creating a beautiful and accurate ad and lastly, make sure to require the appropriate proofs before accepting an offer of sales. Happy selling!


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