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Travel trends in 2021

Road trips start with a plane ticket

Expect fewer group tours and organized trips as people slowly readjust to travel immediately post-Covid.  They might rent a car and tour around on their own, or bunker down in an exotic spot for longer periods and experience it like a “local”.


Comfort food gets dolled up

Look for people to seek out luxury comfort foods as they re-emerge from isolation.  High end casual food, and cocktails that hark back to the past will be popular, as will minimalism and soothing environments.


Luxury, and privacy becomes important

Travel lovers desperate to escape from a year and half at home will be looking to be pampered and soothed at destination locations.  Longer stays will be popular as we seek more meaningful, in-depth experiences.  Work from home will allow more people to get away and stay away.


New museums add life and interest

Many locations have taken advantage of this down period to refresh existing museums and venues.  New museums have opened world-wide, adding new points of interest to explore .  Pent up demand for art, culture, novel experiences, and exploration will explode on the scene.


Natural destinations and those with a depth of experiences are sought after

Hiking and exploring outdoors in exotic locations will provide a point of entry to travel that feels safer.  Destination locations that allow travelers to unpack and stay awhile will also feel more comfortable, giving a ‘leg up’ to locations with a lot of things to see and do.  Expect travelers to prioritize those dream trips that they may have put off, thinking there would always be time.


Travelers put their money where their values are

Green travel has been a consideration for years, but now travelers are aware of the impact on local businesses of a year with no travel or tourism.  Expect a mindfulness on how  travel funds are spent, with an eye toward helping smaller businesses to get back on their feet, and supporting those that align with your values.


Adapted from American Way, the in-flight magazine of American Airlines

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