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Summer in Paris: 5 day hikes accessible by train

Late summer though fall is the perfect time to cross the périphérique and take advantage of moderate temperatures with a relaxing day hike in any one of Île-de-France’s regional parks.  Thanks to, the team at Le Bonbon has scouted out 5 hikes, all within Grand Paris and all accessible via Paris public transportation, that are sure to provide a rejuvenating change of scenery.

Les Vignes et la Vallée de la Marne 

Although we drink our fair share of wine in Paris, it’s outside of the city that we find the real vineyards.  This hike is the perfect opportunity for you to see where your favorite libation comes from, all while breathing in that fresh country air.  From Gare de l’Est, take the P train for 50 minutes to Saâcy-sur-Marne, to the northeast of Paris, where you’ll discover the vineyards of the Champagne region and can even go for a dip in the Marne.

Departure: Gare de Nanteuil-Saâcy
Distance: 18 km
Time: ± 4 hours 

Visit randonavigo for complete hike information and GPS coordinates.

La forêt de Saint-Arnoult  

This classic trail hike takes you through the Forêt de Saint-Arnoud near Dourdan, a stop on the RER C to the southwest of Paris.  Lush vegetation, hills, and small streams await.  This hike can even be modified to be shorter or longer as you wish.

Departure: Gare de Dourdan
Distance: 13 km
Time: ± 3 heures 

Visit randonavigo for complete hike information and GPS coordinates.

La vallée de Chevreuse

Fichier:Chateau de la Madeleine Chevreuse P1050019.JPG

Boasting natural, historical, and architectural gems that are worth exploring, this hike has it all! The tour starts from the Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse train station, the last stop on the RER B’s southern extension.  You’ll first pass through the picturesque village of Chevreuse, with its charming network of bridges and canals, before looping around the Parc Naturel Régional de la Haute Vallée de Chevreuse.  On your way back towards Chevreuse, you’ll stop at the Château de la Madeleine, a medieval, hilltop fortress open to the public with ramparts offering gorgeous panoramic views of the valley below.

Pro tip: Be sure to pick up a pack of the region’s local beer, Volcelest, at the chateau’s information center before heading back into town!

Departure: Gare de Saint-Rémy-Lès-Chevreuse
Distance: 12 km
Time: ± 3 heures
Visit randonavigo for complete hike information and GPS coordinates.


Le bois domanial des Cinq-Cents Arpents

This simple trail hike departs from the Gare Le Perray on the N and is entirely forested beginning to end.  Several small ponds and open fields dot the lush loop.  If you’re looking for a true escape into nature, this will do the trick.

Departure: Le Perray
Distance: 19 km
Time: ± 4 heures
Visit randonavigo for complete hike information and GPS coordinates.

Cows in La Brie 

This rural hike in the Brie will truly make you feel further from Paris than you actually are.  A quick, 40 minute ride on the P from Gare de l’Est will bring you to the Gare de Montcerf, to the east of Paris.  From there, you’ll cross several fields, perfect for picnicking, before making your way through the Forêt Domaniale de Malvoisine.   You may even be lucky enough to come across some grazing cows along the way!  Afterward, you’ll take the train back to Paris from the Gare de Faremoutiers Pommeuse, an appropriate name, as many hikers have found wild apples, great for making applesauce, along their way to the station.

Departure: Gare de Mortcerf
Distance: 20 km
Time: ± 4 heures
Visit randonavigo for complete hike information and GPS coordinates.




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Cover photo: Château de la Madeleine by Département des Yvelines [CC BY-ND]

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