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Paris transport going paperless and driver-less

Valérie Pécresse aims for the disappearance of paper metro tickets by the end of 2021.  To replace tickets, the magnetic Navigo Easy card will be launched in 2019. The President of Ile-de-France also announced test-drives of self-driving cars.


The use of individual metro tickets in Paris should be a thing of the past by the end of 2021. This is the objective of the President of the Ile-de-France region, Valérie Pécresse, who will launch the “Smart Navigo” in 2019, she announced in an interview with the Journal du dimanche.

“In 2019 the ‘Navigo Easy’ will be released, an anonymous magnetic card on which you will be able to load your t+ tickets. It will serve as an electronic wallet for occasional travelers that, unlike the traditional paper ticket, cannot be demagnetized,” explains Ms. Pécresse in an interview about the Regional Council’s plans for 2019. For more regular travelers, “the ‘Navigo Liberté’ will debit the total amount spent on journeys at the end of the month”.

Finally, experimentation in partnership with Orange for the use of a rechargeable Navigo pass on Android smartphones will continue. “We are in negotiations with SFR, Bouygues and Apple. We hope to deploy this universal system starting in the summer of 2019,” she says.


28,000 free parking and ride spaces in 2021

Ms. Pécresse also announced that in the next budget meeting for Île-de-France Mobilités (formerly the Île-de-France transport union), she will vote for “free park and ride facilities outside of Paris for all Navigo pass holders”.

This means that by 2021, 28,000 places “will be completely free of charge, whereas the average fare today is 40 euros per month. This amounts to a savings of about 500 euros per year for each user,” she promises. The regional president also added that the Ile-de-France region will test “driverless vehicles on Ile-de-France motorways, and even on the périphérique” next year.

On a related note, the region will launch “the construction of 10,000 housing units for nurses and carers, in conjunction with Action Logement” next year. “The goal is to keep these workers happy, because we are in shortage, and they have, on average, three hours of transportation per day,” says Pécresse.



Soure: Valérie Pécresse vise la disparition du ticket de métro « fin 2021 »

Cover Photo: Chris Sampson, Wikimedia Commons

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