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Paris metro car overhaul: increased space, less noise, and more environmentally friendly

« Attention à la marche en descendant du train. Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. Bitte achten si auf die Lücke zwischen Zug und Bahnsteigkante. »

You will indeed continue to hear this announcement, just under different conditions. By the end of the year, metro lines 14, 11, and 4 will have undergone a complete overhaul.  Ordered from Alstom, the trains will be more spacious, quieter, and more environmentally friendly.  Thanks to two additional cars, capacity will be increased by 33%!  That’s a lot more room to spread out.

Color coded seats will help passengers differentiate between those available to everyone and those reserved for priority riders (the elderly, pregnant women, and disabled people).  Each car will also be equipped with dedicated space in the front and back for wheelchairs. 

Bertrand Lambert, correspondant for France3, shares some photos of the new cars taken during his segment, Parigo.  Click the link below.


“Despite all the new equipment and the weight of the train, overall electricity consumption is 20% lower,” explains Jean-Louis Perrin, Deputy Director of IDF Mobilités.  He also notes that noise will be “reduced by 2 decibels, i. e. by 40%,” allowing for a much calmer and quieter riding experience.

Those eager to ride must wait a little longer, however, (until the end of this year), to take advantage of these beautiful, brand new metros. 





Source: Découvrez les nouveaux aménagements des métros parisiens

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