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“Facil Habitat” platform: landlords’ go-to guide for renovation and rental services

Launched this summer by the Mister of Housing and the President of l’Agence nationale de l’habitat (l’ANAH), “Facil Habitat” accompanies landlords throughout their property ownership, including during energy-saving renovation projects. 


It was created to centralize responses to the many questions homeowners may have.  “It’s a tool to guide owners throughout their home ownership and during administrative procedures,” explains Julien Denormandie, Minister of Cities and Housing. The platform is intended to be easy to use and is a sound source of information regarding various financing options or tax assistance.


Guiding users through a maze of services

With “Facil Habitat”, the ANAH aims to guide users through what seems like a maze of services. “There are already several kinds of assistance available to finance energy-saving renovation projects, but they are still relatively unknown,” laments the President of the ANAH, Nathalie Appéré.

Homeowners simply enter their tax ID number and fill out a questionnaire, then a software program calculates the amount of aid for which he or she is eligible. “We quickly realize that it pays to undertake energy-saving renovation projects,” says Nathalie Appéré.


Fichier:Julien Denormandie 2018.jpg

The platform also aims to minimize vacant housing, “a French tragedy,” for Minister of Cities and Housing Julien DeNormandie.

Fighting vacant dwellings

One of the stated objectives of this new platform is to fight vacant dwellings, “a French tragedy” for Julien DeNormandie. “Facil habitat” therefore supports potential landlords, from the completion of renovation projects to the renting out of their property.

In addition, an interactive map provides information on property prices in each city in France, neighborhood by neighborhood. The data is updated in real time. All of this information is intended to reassure worried landlords regarding rent prices or the potential risks of renting.


A version for renters coming soon

Although the platform is already online in its simplified version, mainly dedicated to landlords, it will soon be enhanced to address the problems faced by resident proprietors and tenants. In the long term, the Minister of Cities and Housing would like to make it “the reference portal for information on housing”.





Source: Logement : la nouvelle plateforme «Facil Habitat» informe les propriétaires

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