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Upcoming laws for visitors to France: France ETIAS Application



In November 2016, the European Commission approved a proposal for a new European Travel Information and Authorization System, ETIAS. From 2024, eligible citizens will be required to apply for the ETIAS France online before traveling to France or any of the Schengen member countries. The system is being implemented in response to increased terrorist attacks and other security threats to Europe and will strengthen Schengen Area border control. Although the online authorization for France will not be implemented until 2024, this page will provide information about the ETIAS application until it becomes available.

How to Apply with the France ETIAS Form

When the France ETIAS becomes available, eligible travelers to France will be required to pre-register their travel to France through the online ETIAS application form. Over 50 nationalities, many currently visa-exempt for short visits to Europe, will be required to get a visa waiver for France online, including the United States, Canada, Japan, and Mexico.

The simple online ETIAS apply will only take minutes to complete. The online application allows travelers to get a travel authorization for stays under 90 days, for the purposes of tourism or business visits such as for meetings, conferences or seminars.

Personal information requirements

To apply for ETIAS France, it will be necessary to complete the online ETIAS application form with a range of personal information. Applicants will have to fill in their full name, current address and phone number, as well as the date, place, and country of birth, and passport data such as the issuance number and expiry date.

Some security questions will also be asked in the ETIAS application for France, with all of the data checked against various information databases to identify any barriers to entry to Europe.

Travel documentation details for France ETIAS:

Eligible travelers will need to meet the document requirements for ETIAS France before applying. Applicants are required to have a passport from an ETIAS-eligible country valid for at least 3 months beyond the expected stay in France or another Schengen Area country. Passports over 10 years old will not be valid for the France ETIAS application process.

ETIAS for France application fee:

The ETIAS cost will be determined by the EU before the system launches in 2024. A valid credit or debit card will be required to pay the France ETIAS application fee online. Each application will incur an individual fee, including applications presented on behalf of minors by a parent or guardian.

Cancellation or denial of my ETIAS authorization

The ETIAS for France authorization is likely to be rejected if any of the data provided does not match with the corresponding travel documents or database records. It’s therefore important to carefully double-check the information entered into the France ETIAS application form.

It’s also important to make sure the correct current email address is provided so that the ETIAS France is sent to the intended inbox.

If the ETIAS application is denied, the applicant may appeal directly to the Schengen state solicited, in this case, France. The ETIAS France National Unit may request further information or documentation via email in order to make the decision to approve the visa waiver or not. This documentation must be provided within 7 working days and the ETIAS application will take up to a further 72 hours to process. In some unique cases, the applicant may also be asked to attend an interview at a French embassy or consulate in to get the ETIAS for France.

Citizens of over 50 countries are allowed into the Schengen area visa-free. Yet, that doesn’t mean that their passport is all they’ll need in order to go through the border. The ETIAS visa waiver is a travel authorization that lets citizens of eligible countries travel to the Schengen area without having to apply for a visa, for a maximum stay of 90 days within a 180 days period.

In order to obtain their ETIAS visa waiver, travelers will need to pay an application fee. The application fee is very affordable and will help the European authorities cover the costs of implementation, digitalization, and maintenance of the ETIAS system.

The ETIAS Application Fee

Although ETIAS still hasn’t come into full force (the program is expected to be implemented in 2024), the provisional ETIAS for Europe cost will amount to € 7. This fee may be subject to change and may be raised or lowered once the details of the ETIAS program are finalized.

No matter how many countries you intend to visit, you will only need to pay the fee once as long as you complete the application correctly. Your ETIAS authorization will allow you to move freely within the Schengen area — no need to apply or pay again.

The ETIAS program is intended to streamline and facilitate movement to and within the EU, making things easier and smoother not only for the EU authorities but also for international travelers. That’s also why the ETIAS online application is expected to take a very limited amount of time.

It’s paramount that you fill in the application form correctly. False or incorrect information may result in your application being rejected and you may have to start your application again and make further payments.

Other Fees

In order to avoid issues and delays, travelers applying for similar travel authorizations often decide to use the services of specialized online immigration agencies that charge service fees.

In exchange for the service fee, these agencies offer professional assistance in submitting your application from start to finish and guarantee an application free of error that they will submit to the EU authorities on behalf of the applicant.

The agency will follow you every step of the way making sure that no information is missing, incorrect, or misleading. You will be contacted before your application is submitted in case something doesn’t look right.

Since the EU authorities won’t contact you before denying or delaying your application, this is one of the best ways to keep everything under control and prevent potential issues from affecting your travel plans.

Having paid an application fee and service fee and having obtained an ETIAS visa waiver does not guarantee entry into the Schengen area. The final decision will be made by European border authorities once they have seen your documents.

The France ETIAS will be valid for a total of 3 years, or until the expiration date of the associated passport if it comes first. The ETIAS visa waiver allows a stay in France of up to 90 days within a 180-day period, as well as in the other Schengen member states. The ETIAS for France is also a multiple-entry visa waiver, meaning travelers can enter and exit the EU as many times as they like during the period of validity.




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