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New “Ask Miranda” video series on YouTube explains how to buy an apartment in Paris

Paris Property Group has launched an online video series that shares insider information on how to find and buy the best property in Paris.  The video series, featuring President and Founder, Miranda Bothe, is titled after the popular section of our blog “Ask Miranda.”  In each video, Miranda answers one of our client’s questions, dispels a myth, or explains a nuance of the Paris real estate industry.  These tips and expert advice will benefit anyone looking to buy or sell property in Paris, France.

First up are three common questions when it comes to buying property in Paris: 1. How can I maximize the investment value of my pied-à-terre property in Paris? Miranda discusses the various attributes to look for when choosing a pied-à-terre that can make it a great investment as well an enjoyable vacation home. 2. How can I structure my purchase to avoid taxes and get the most for my money? Miranda explains three different purchase structures, which impact inheritance, capital gains taxes and other issues that can alter the financial viability of your investment.. 3. What are ongoing costs once I have purchased an apartment in Paris?  Miranda explains the common costs associated with owning an apartment in Paris, including property taxes and other fees you may not be aware of. Stay tuned for more “Ask Miranda” videos explaining how to find the best properties, navigate the purchase process and how to maximize value when selling your apartment. For more questions regarding Paris real estate check out our FAQ.

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