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Factory Turned Chic Parisian Apartment

The New York Times featured a telling story last summer of a young couple moving from London to Paris, bringing their Paris real estate dream to life. As property prices in Paris have soared in recent years, bolder buyers are moving away further and further away from the traditionally sought-after and more touristy neighborhoods toward less-known and scruffier neighborhoods in the outlying arrondissements. Besides getting more space for their Euro, buyers willing to do the good search can find apartments in abandoned factories, former offices or government buildings, even the random mill.

For Tom Budding and Julia Jeuvell, their find was a former electrical cabling factory on the northern edge of the 18th arrondissement. With more than double the square meters they would have landed for the same budget in Saint Germain or the Marais, they transformed the space into an airy, loft-like treasure.

Read the full story in the New York Times.

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