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Paris has no multiple listing service (MLS) and what some might call an “every agent for himself” mentality. It can therefore be challenging to find an agent you can count on to work hard and represent your interests. Historically property sellers have given their listing to multiple agencies to ensure they reach the most buyers, […]

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After a summer rich in reforms, important laws have come into force affecting property transactions in France. From rent caps and lease contracts to furniture lists and codes of ethics, here are the seven major changes to be aware of in French real estate for Fall 2015.

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A compromis de vente is a mutual obligation of the buyer (to buy) and the seller (to sell). Literally translating as “a promise to sell,” the promesse de vente is a unilateral obligation to sell. There are two substantial drawbacks to a compromis de vente:

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Whether the parties sign a compromis de vente or a promesse de vente, the preliminary contract will always contain the following terms:

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