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Buying a piece of the common area in your Paris building is a great way to enhance your living space and add to your property’s value. So: why not buy your building’s rooftop? In a copropriété, or co-owned building, the roof, hallways, façades, terraces, landings, etc belong to the building and are thus jointly owned by […]

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An innovative rooftop garden on Paris’ Galeries Lafayette is a fresh take on urban farming. Haute couture shoppers at Paris’ Galeries Lafayette will be surprised to know that hundreds of kilos of strawberries are floating on the roof above their heads. “Paris under the Strawberries” is an installation of walls of strawberries and other aromatic plants on the rooftop of […]

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The rooftops of Paris have often been the inspiration for artists, writers, and film makers. Now, the City of Paris has voted to put forward its roofscape as a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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